16 Mar 2012

Zhouzhuang Water Village Part II

Zhouzhuang Water Village

Although the village is from hundreds of years ago but nowadays it's very commercial and visited by tourism around the world everyday. It can be very crowed during weekends and public holidays. There were locals snacks to try and traditional Chinese crafts  to buy at reasonable prices ( you may bargain a bit too). I so regret not purchasing a pair of beautiful embroidered shoes. For RMB$15 you can get a small size Chinese ink painting.

I would recommend to bring your own lunch due to the bad experience we had at the local restaurant. For two of us, we ordered a half free range chicken, stir fried potato and a braised fish. All came in entree sizes and tasted terrible. The fish was no bigger than half of my hand. That's the size for a whole fish? You must be kidding me! When the bill came we were shocked and felt cheated as the three dishes in super tiny size ended up more than a $100Yuan. I rather have two baskets of Xiao Long Bao. What a joke!

More information on Zhouzhuang Water Village here in Chinese.

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