10 Mar 2012

Shanghainese Sweet Snacks

 There are so many choices from the stores at The Old Town. I bought a few different things to try.

Among all the snacks, I love 一合酥 (crispy cakes) the most. It is some sort of small cakes with white sesame and taste sweet and crispy. It was originally a snack from Northern China and becomes popular nationally since The Three Kingdoms (220AD).

在"三國演義"中有一段文字記載:十七年,賽北送一合酥至。曹操品之,其大悅。親提筆“一合酥”三字於盒上,置於案頭。楊修入見之,竟取匙與眾分食。眾問其故,修答曰:“盒上明書一人一口酥於此,豈敢違丞相之命乎?”眾大喜,一掃而淨。" 一合酥因為曹操的題詞就此成名,此後成為宮廷的貢品,流傳下來。

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