20 Mar 2012

Oriental Living

Luxury Boutique Resort

Address: 22 Fayun Nong Xihujiedao Hangzhou, China, 310013

Phone: (86)57187329999

Web: Amanfuyun

In the spirit of a traditional Chinese village, Amanfayun is a place to explore – a place of stone pathways leading to shaded courtyards, quaint restaurants and peaceful abodes. Situated on 14 hectares to the west of West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the outskirts of Hangzhou, the resort is comprised of 47 dwellings surrounded by tea fields, natural forests and lush groves of bamboo. Just a 20-minute drive from the city centre, Amanfayun is the ideal location from which to explore the region’s ancient Buddhist temples, botanical gardens, vast wetland areas, countless pagodas and Hangzhou’s famous silk and shopping streets. The resort features the original village layout, with a 600-metre main thoroughfare, the Fayun Pathway.

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