14 Mar 2012

Souvenirs of Los Angeles

Two boots and a bag.
What I brought back from LA last Christmas.

1, Celine Mini Luggage Tote Curvy Zip Grainy Calf in Camel
2, Isabel Marant Manly Suede and Leather Knee Boots
3, Prada Bi-colour Python Mary Jane Knee Boots

I've experienced the most craziest sale on boxing day last Christmas at Barneys NY Beverly Hills Store.
Shoe racks on the ground floor were almost empty when I entered the store before noon and it was so crowed and messy, the whole place was like it has just been robbed. Didn't have much luck on shoe shopping but I was lucky that the sales assistance at Celine offered me the Mini Luggage Tote in camel. Originally the tri-colour bag was what I after but since there has nothing available due to the busy holiday season, I took it immediately. The bag is so soft and I'm addicted to the smell of the leather. Beautiful~

0 Meow~: