14 Mar 2012

Zhouzhuang Water Village Part I

Zuzhuang is located southeast of the city of Suzhou and to the Southwest of Kunshan. The ancient town, which has a history of more than 900 years, still retains the style and pattern of its ancient village. Its most famous attractions are Fu’an Bridge, Double Bridge and Shen's Hall of Residence. Fu’an Bridge is the only remaining structure that made a connection between bridge and house. Zhouzhuang is surrounded and divided by lakes and rivers, 14 stone bridges cross the rivers, showing distinctive views of the water-town. Double Bridge connected by two bridges as a whole. Stone Bridge was built in Ming Dynasty. It is firm and simple, and composed by a stone arch bridge and a beam bridge. The Stone Bridge, likes a lock, tightly connects the north-south River and Silver Band River. The Hall of Shen’s Residence is Qing-style. The overall structure looks very rigorous and the parts of the hall have different scenery.

Ancient Memorial Archway→Zhen’gu Hall→Chen yifei’s home→The double bridge→The Ancient Platform→The Hall of Zhang’s Residence→The Hall of Shen’s Residence→Quanfu Temple→Mi building→Exhibition Hall of Xianjiang Fishery and Fisherman's Songs →Zhenfeng Street→Ancient Memorial Archway

  • Gondola cruise through the beautiful waterways of Zhouzhuang
  • Stroll through the gardens of Net Master, a great example of a typical Ming Dynasty garden
  • See Chinese silk being produced at the silk-spinning factory

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