28 Mar 2012

Hills BBQ Noodle Shop

Hills BBQ Noodle Shop
586 Station St
Box Hill, VIC 3128

ph:(03) 9899 3382

Open Hours
Monday ~ Sunday
10:00 am ~ 2:00 am

One thing I like the Hills BBQ Noodle Shop the best is they open until late even on weekdays. There's no many options if you want to grab a bite to eat for a proper meal in a late Monday evening. In my case Hills is where to go. Not too far from where I live so it's a nice choice for me. These photos were taken months ago but they are our favourite dishes. The perfectly cooked roast pigeon is on top of the list and sometimes they have it on promotion. The dish was only $12.80/each when we were there. Bargain! Lobster in chilli sauce was yum yum yum! I have to eat with my fingers. The egg noodles at the bottom of the dish adsorbed all the great flavourites. Can't express how happy I am. Nothing better than beautifully cooked seafood. I'm so blessed to live in Australia where we have fresh seafood all year round.

Cuisine: Chinese
Food: Good
Service: Average
Atmosphere: Average
Value: $$

*Rating: Excellent, Good, Average, Poor, Very Poor

2 Meow~:

Chopinand @ ChopinandMysaucepan said...

Dear Michelle,

The lobster in chilli sauce looks pretty awesome.

Dollymic said...

Hi Chopinand, thanks for the commend.
The lobster was delicious.