27 Mar 2012

The House of Dior

Lady Dior As Seen By Exhibition
The 'as seen by' exhibition presents more than 50 creations from international contemporary artists giving their own vision of the iconic Dior bag.

In 1995, the Lady Dior handbag was born. On it's creation it was presented by the first lady of France as a gift to Lady Diana, Princess of Whales, darling of the world's media, who have come to open the Cezanne Exhibition in Paris. The princess took it everywhere with her. She ordered on in every version. Its topstitched, canned pattern, golden rings connected the rectangular body to the arching handles, and dangling gold letters, in tribute to Christian Dior's love of lucky charm, have make it the iconic accessory for the last fifteen years. Made of leather or exotic skins, The Lady Dior's supreme elegance and couture style puts it in an class of it's own.

Since then, Lady Dior has inspired talent artists over the world including photographers, visual artists, video artists and leading film directors such as David Lynch, John Cameron Mitchell and Liu Jianhua, to Arne Quinze, Wen Fang, Maraten Bass, Olympia Scarry, and the Recycle Group. Some fifty exceptional works of art pay tribute. Each in their won unique way. To a Dior style icon.

Exhibition in Beijing China, from December to January 2012.
China Central Place

images via Vogue & Dior

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