27 Mar 2012

Shopping At The People's Squre, Shanghai

Hong Kong Shopping Centre

Address: People's Squre

Top 10 Shopping Malls in Shanghai
Top # 01: Super Brand Mall
Located in Pudong’s Lujiazui Area, Super Brand Mall is the most influential business and financial center in Shanghai. It is a huge shopping complex with complete entertainment and shopping facilities. Super Brand Mall has 13 floors and hundreds of shops, including 70 restaurants and cafes.
As one of Shanghai’s oldest but still one of the best malls, Super Brand Mall is visited by hundreds of thousands of people who every day. You can’t miss it when you arrive in Shanghai.
Add: 168, Lujiazui Xi Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China
Tel: 8621-68877888
Web: here

Top # 02: Grand Gateway
Grand Gateway is an office complex consisting of two skyscrapers in the Xujiahui area of Shanghai. It is one of the most visited malls in Shanghai, particularly at night when it’s all lit up.
The Grand Gateway Plaza Mall has six stores of shops, with totally hundreds of shops, and one basement level shopping area. This mall caters to local clientele, apparent by many Chinese stores and distinctively cheaper prices.
Add: No.1 Hong Qiao Road, Xujiahui, Shanghai
Tel: 8621-64070111
Web: here

Top # 03: Citic Square
Citic Square, which is located at Nanjing West Road of Shanghai, hosts names such as Max Mara, Alfred Dunhill, Esprit, Shoe and Key Repair, and Maya Audio Video. It shares a same roof with Westgate Mall, so people always consider them as one shopping mall.
Citic Square serves clothes on the above floors. On the ground floor replenish your wallet at the ATM and get information about Citic’s upcoming fashion shows and photo displays.
Add: No. 1168, Nanjing West Road, Shanghai, China
Tel: 86-021-62180180
Web: here

Top # 04: Times Square
Located on Huaihai Middle Road, Time Square is a skyscraper in Shanghai. It is famous for its top quality goods as well as its annual New Year’s Eve celebrations.
Times Square possesses of 7-storey retail podium, 30-storey Grand A office Tower and 26-storey service apartments, providing a one-stop shopping experience with more than 100 shops & restaurants covering fashion, accessories, fine dining, beauty and entertainment. You can find many international brands here, like CUCCI, VERSACE, VERRI, COACH, etc.
Add: 93 Huaihai Zhong Road, Shanghai
Tel: 86 21 63910691
Web: here

Top # 05: Plaza 66
Plaza 66 is a commercial and office complex in Shanghai, consisting of a shopping mall and two skyscrapers. The total area is over 50,000 square metres. With 66 floors, Plaza 66 is the tallest building in the Puxi area of Shanghai.
Entering the plaza, you feel like you are walking on an avenue, lined with shop windows. Many fashion brands have chosen this department store as the location for their flagship stores in Shanghai. The plaza holds fashion shows from time to time, where you can get close to famous designers and models from all over the world.
Add: 1266 Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai
Tel: 86 21 62790910
Web: here

Top # 06: Metro City
Located at Zhaojiabang Road, Metro City is one of the most famous places for electronics in Shanghai. Metro City maintains an enormous selection of computers, software, phones, and mp3 players. The building looks like a giant glass golf ball.
There are also many restaurants at the rest place of the mall. Besides the plethora of electronics stores, there aren’t any other notable shopping options at Metro City.
Add: 1111 Zhaojiabang Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Tel: 86-21-64268888
Web: here

Top # 07: Hong Qiao Friendship Center
Shanghai Hongqiao Friendship Shopping Center, located at Hongqiao Development Zone, is a large-scale commercial retail company jointly invested by Shanghai and Hongkong, and targets high-income customers and foreigners.
Hong Qiao Friendship Center is a shopping center that integrates the functions of shopping, restaurant, leisure and entertainment. It takes the leading position among those large department stores in Shanghai with its forward-looking business concept, unique architectural style and excellent hardware facilities.
Add: No.6, Zunyi Road, Shanghai, China
Tel: (8621) 62700000
Web: here

Top # 08: Raffles City
As a skyscraper in Shanghai, Raffles City is a mixed development comprising of a 51-storey Grade A office tower and an 8-storey retail podium. It is an ideal place for visitors to go shopping, dining, recreation and fun.
With vast retailing experience and continued efforts of its management, Raffles City has quickly established itself as one of the most frequented places of the young and trendy. Raffles City Shanghai is seated in the transportation hub of the Puxi district where 3 subway lines meet.
Add: 268 Xizang Middle Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6340 3333
Web: here

Top # 09: Westgate Mall
Westgate Mall, located on the West Nanjing Road, is a top commercial building combining modern construction technology, European design, advanced facilities and excellent management. It is among the most popular malls in Shanghai.
There are the floors in the Westgate Mall. The highlight of Westgate’s offerings is the 5th floor, where you can find every imaginable brand of sportswear. If you want to have dining, you can go to the 7th floor. There is also a cinema on the top floor of the mall.
Add: 1038 Nan Jing West Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai
Tel: 86 21 62187878
Web: here

Top # 10: Cloud Nine Mall
Cloud Nine Mall, which is also known as Shanghai Summit Shopping City, is a 58-floor 238 meter tall skyscraper completed in 2006 located in Shanghai. Located to the west of Zhongshan Park in Changning District, Cloud Nine Shopping Mall is on the north of Changning Road and east of Kaixuan Road.
This mall can meet all the demand of people’s life in terms of shopping, recreation, entertainment and business. It has become the important business facility building in west district of Shanghai for its unique design and superior position.
Add: 1018, Changning Road, Changning District, Shanghai
Tel: 86 21 61155511 or 86 21 61155555
Web: here

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