16 Oct 2011

Xiao Long Bao

Din Tai Fung Restaurant

644 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

(02) 9264 6010

Opening Hours
Mon ~ Wed 11:30am ~ 2:30pm, 5:30pm ~ 9pm;
Thu ~ Fri 11:30am ~ 2:30pm, 5pm ~ 9:30pm;
Sat 11am ~ 3pm, 5pm ~ 9:30pm;
Sun 11am ~ 3pm, 5pm ~ 9pm

It's really interesting that we almost order the same dishes everytime when we were there. Here's a review I did a few months ago.  After lunch we did some shopping in the CBD.

What we order:
Lychee mint juice
Strawberry mocktail
Silky tofu with pork floss and century egg
Drunken chicken
Sour and hot soup
Pork mince noodles
Prawn siu mai
Crab meat soup dumplings

Review I did previously here.

Cuisine: Chinese/Taiwanese
Food: Good
Service: Average
Atmosphere: Good
Value: $$
Recommend: Likes It

post from last year link here

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