19 Oct 2011

Too Young to Play Dress Up?

French Vogue "Cadeaux"
models: Lea, Prune, Thylane
photographer: Sharif Hamza
styled by: Melanie Huynh
images via Cadeaux Vogue

Too young to playing dress up? When I was as little as 5 or 6 years old, I always went into my mum's closet and tried on all her pretty dresses and high heels. I also liked to wear her makeup and sprayed her Chanel No.5 and Dior poison perfume all over me. I liked to play Princess wearing lots of jewelleries, covered myself with silk scarfs. It was a lot of fun back then. Was I too young to have red lips and blue eye shadow? Definitely a YES for my mum who always said woman should be natural and inner beauty rather than look artificial. Especially as a kid we expected them to look innocent and be happy with big smiles on their faces rather than heavy makeups. Leave those things for the grown ups. I guess it's never too young for a girl to play dress up with grown ups clothing in her own private world but it's wired to dressed them up in a commercial ad or magazine shot, pretended to be adults with no facial expressions at all! Let them eat cake not lipsticks really. I want to see real women wearing those fancy dresses and sky high heels not small children or young teens. Thanks!

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