5 Oct 2011

Vintage Inspired

on me:
mjeans squirrel sweater (shanghai)
arnsdorf pocket skirt
mjeans eiffel tower socks (shanghai)
prada crocodile sandals
french connection wool coat
vintage pearl collar
jigsaw hat
forever new gloves
prada bag (borrow from DH)
vogue australia october issue

Couldn't wait any longer to wear this lovely jumper which I just brought back from Shanghai last month. It was a love at first sight and the cute little squirrel wouldn't let me go if I didn't bring it home. When I first saw it in the store, I knew what I'm going to wear with it immediately: my Arnsdorf pocket skirt. The vintage pearl collar is a perfect match and the cute Eiffel tower ankle socks also bought in Shanghai from the same store on Nanjing Road, Pedestrian Shopping Street. There's heaps of stores on Nanjing Road and the best part is most of them open til late.

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