17 Oct 2011

Pier Restaurant

3 hat restaurant, 2010
594 New South Head Rd
Rose Bay
NSW 2029

ph:(02) 9327 6561

Mon to Sat Noon - 3pm

Mon to Sat 6pm - 10pm
Sun 6pm - 9pm

What We Ordered:
Oysters – Sydney Rock & Pacific freshly shucked to order
Roasted Scallops - crispy potato – shimeji mushrooms – cauliflower – jus gras

Roasted Barramundi - carrot purée – joselito jamon – lentils – madeira jus
Rangers Valley Sirloin - cavolo nero – bordelaise glaze – herb butter
Green Beans - side dish

Raspberry Soufflé - Rasp sauce - Rasp crème
Cheese – selection served at room temperature

It was a while since we dine there (July, last year) but I will never forget the beautiful view at Rose Bay and I almost decided to move there from Melbourne and even found a huge apartment at excellent price from realestate.com. If I could quit my job and leave my life behind, it would be a dream to live in a quiet suburb with magnificent views. However, if you happen to be around, it would be a good idea to visit the glass boathouse alike award winning restaurant: Pier.

We had a nice dinner there but I would highly recommend visit them at lunch time. In that case you can enjoy the delicious food and at the same time the million dollars bay side views. The restaurant has minimum interior design. Square tables, white plastic chairs and a 270 degree of huge glass windows. Simple and clean. With a view like that, I guess you really don't need much more. Unfortunately dinner in a winter night was too dark to see a thing. The restaurant itself was very dark as well and we could barely see each other's faces. Maybe that's called "romantic"? The restaurant was pretty quiet at the night we were there and it had a total of four tables. However, it took a long while for the food to come out. Then everything went smoothly and service was friendly.

I had the Sydney rock oysters and they were so fresh to suckle. DH loved his roasted scallops and it was extremely well presented. My roasted Barramundi was perfectly cooked and really delicious. I loved how crispy the fish skin on top and the wait staff even explained to me how to cook the fish and skin separately to have an amazing dish like that. And last not least the their signature Soufflé for dessert. It's the best souffle I've every had and it was as light as air. At the time I put the spoon inside my mouth it melted immediately like magic! Nothing's better than eaten the most dedicated souffle direct from it's pan. Since then, I had a picture in my mind: the dessert queen Katrina Kanetani was hiding in a corner of her kitchen and placing some magical powder into her mixing in order to make this delicious souffle. Otherwise, I can't explain why it's so perfect. It must be some secret in her recipes. And it's call magic!

Pier, the beautiful cook book post here.

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Cuisine: Seafood
Food: Good
Service: Good
Atmosphere: Good
Value: $$$$

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