13 Oct 2011

Homemade Delicious ~ Simple Weekday Dinner

Grilled chicken wings with Chinese five spices
and baby spinach and rocket salad with roasted pine nuts.
Lemon on the plate was from my own backyard.

Very simply but delicious dish. It only takes about 30 minuets to cook.
Pan fried the chicken wings until golden brown on both sides.
Then seasoning with salt and pepper, Chinese five spices and chilli power. 
Yum, love spicy food!
Put them in a 200F oven for 10min each side.
That's it. Done!

When the chicken wings are in oven, then I can do the fried rice which I used over night left over rice and stored in fridge. Mixed rice with sweet corn, peas, Chinese sausage and egg. However, there's heaps of other ingredients you can added in.

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