23 Dec 2010

A Wedding

Our friend's wedding held in a reception at Brighton 2009.
A beautiful place to be.
A gorgeous bride and handsome groom with stunning food.
Yes, the food.
How many of you actually care about the food when attending a wedding?
I must admitted some could be disasters.
I know it's all about the couple.
How they've met, how long they've been together,
what experiences they've been gone through
and what life changing they will make in the future. 
However, I was too far away from the stage, too concentrated on the food
and ended up with poor photos on my mobile phone with food only!
It's not hard to see that I love to eat more than anything on earth.

Their dinner was catering by a Chinese restaurant
and serviced by Asian waiters with French decor venue.
Brilliant idea!
A white wedding with abalones and lobsters on the table.
Perfect east meets west wedding theme.
Love it.

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