15 Dec 2010

Pita Pata & Chocolat

Pita Pata loves kitties and he always tries so hard to be friends with them.
When he first met Chocolat, I could see the excitement from his body language.
He's not like my Moshi Moshi who gets envy whenever someone gets close to me. He's a darling who wants to charm everyone, included the cats. He loves to play.

2 Meow~:

Sylvie Helen said...

Aww too cute! I can never get photo of my cat, she seems to take great pleasure in facing the other way whenever I try and sneak up on her with my camera...
Really cute blog :)
Sylvie xx

Dollymic said...

Thanks for your lovely comment. Yes it's hard to take photos for pets. You probably need one person getting it's attention and the other taking photos. However, I have no problem with my cats but my dogs can act crazy sometimes and it's hard to take a good photo of them unless I hold them in my arms. My secret is take lots and lots of photos and there must be one ended up ok to post on the blog. :)