24 Dec 2010

Kang Na Roo Korean Restaurant


Kang Na Roo Korean Restaurant

309-315 Clayton Road 
Clayton VIC 3168 
(03) 9543 2842

Kang Na Roo serves home style Korean food in a cozy atmosphere. 
This is some sort of restaurant that you can go for a set lunch for cheap eat 
or have barbecue dinner with friends and drink beers.
Family with young kids are always welcome.

A group of us came here to celebrate the Chinese winter festival while the others may having Christmas party.
We had to take off our shoes to sit around the rectangle table in the corner next to the cashier.
It's a bit weird but I guess that's the tradition like some Japanese restaurants
which customers need to take off their shoes and sit on tatami.
If you don't like to eat with your bare foot, don't worry that's the only table to do so.
All other customers in the restaurant except us have their shoes on. 

The menu is easy to read and side dishes are free of charge.
We ordered vermicelli with vegetables, pork with kimchi, chicken wings, 
spicy baby octopus, pork bone udon soup, spicy tofu soup and BBQ with various meat selection.
The sweet waitress cooked the barbecue for us for a while, 
then our dear friend Joe did the rest of it.

Fair price and average food however, with it's great hospitality, 
we enjoy our night together very much!

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