24 Dec 2010

China Red


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Since I moved to my new place I started reading books and magazines of interior design and gain great interest in different culture and design. The American, the French, the Italian, the Spanish and the Chinese etc.
Chinese antique is something I always loved and I used to have a few reproduction pieces in my previous home. Now my house decor is more in the French style but I still dream one day I could move to a bigger place and have a guess room design in the Chinese style and I find this book is very inspiring on mix new and old.

What I'm reading right now:
China Red: A Traditional Colour in Contemporary Decor (Interior Design)
China Red introduces how the color was applied in traditional interior furnishings and presents a varied selection of modern interiors that show how to use the color stylishly to create a dynamic and artistic space.

If you like Chinese or want to do some mix and match with east and west, contemporary and antique, this is a great book.

Get your copy from Amazon now.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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