15 Dec 2010

New Zealand Jewellery Designers

Boh Runga
The feather design represents a little Miromiro or tomtit feather. The Miromiro feather was a magic token of devotion that would bring a loved one back to you. Take it with you wherever you go. Miromiro Feather Bracelet NZ$336

Weapons Of Mass Devotion is a peek inside Cupid’s arsenal of weapons designed to turn the world into lovers not fighters. His trademark devotion bow and devotion arrow are still his favoured means of delivering love. As eternal time marched on, he needed more in the form of a mother of pearl handled pistol that never runs out of its ammunition, a heart shaped bullet, like all of his weapons – dedicated to devotion. Love Arrow Bow Necklace NZ$296 and Arrow Earrings NZ158

images from Boh Runga
First found out about Boh Runga was a few months ago from Auckland Airport.
Got a sterling silver wing bracelet from the trip.
Love her design, simple and sweet.

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