6 Dec 2010

Stella McCartney for Target 2010

The Second Collection of Stella McCartney for Target Australia
source: target, vogue

I went to the first Stella Martcarntey collection for Target in 2007 in Chadstone the first day when they were available and that was one of the craziest things I've ever seen! So many people there and the store was full of women in their underears and tried things on in the public eye. So brave! I was so shocked when a woman ripped off a jacket from my hands and claimed that she got it first. I only wore the dresses, they are beautiful and I still wear them sometimes. Others like suits are still brand new with tags stored in garment bags. That's probably the first or ever I spent that much money on clothes in Target. I believed that's the best sell of designers for Target in Australia. With all the designers, I love the pieces from Yeojin Bae and I keep them all including dresses and shoes.

The 1st Collection 2007

It's been a month since the second Stella collection hitted the floor and there are still lots of pieces left on the shelves. Maybe it's too mature? too formal? or too expensive? Anyway, I didn't realised they were available until I saw a lady with a Stella for Target print paper bag. Luckily I got what I want. Smaller sizes are always harder to find. I have to say this collection is much better quality compare to the last one. I bought a few pieces; a jacket, a skirt, a tee, a dress and three lace shirts. I'll post photos shortly. Any of you got anything you like?

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