24 Jan 2011


Lover Ground Level
Chadstone Shopping Centre
1342 Dandenong Rd
Melbourne Vic 3166
Ph: (03) 9530 9410

Open Hours
Mon to Sun 11:30am - 9:30pm

What we ordered:
Fruit Juice

Sweet potato kusabi
hand-cut chips served with basil and wasabi mayonnaise

Pandan chicken
chicken pieces marinated in soy and oyster sauce, wrapped in pandan leaves and deep-fried. unwrap the leaves to reveal the succulent parcels of chicken. enjoy with a sweet chilli dipping sauce

Teriyaki beef
beef tenderloin and red onion in teriyaki sauce, served with japanese-style rice, garnished with red pickles, mixed sesame seeds and mixed leaves

Teriyaki salmon
grilled salmon served on a bed of rice with steamed baby bok choy. garnished with mixed sesame seeds, nori and drizzled with teriyaki sauce

Wagamama,  a funky name, a UK chain restaurant,
and a causal Japanese ramen dining  in Chadstone Shopping Center.
I used to like it a lot. Especially their teriyaki salmon and crispy fried sweet potato chips.
Most of my friends would disagreed with me on this one as they think the food are not authentic and totally over priced.

For me, it's just a quick eat spot after shopping for hours with bags on my sore arms.
I need somewhere I could sit down and relax, preferable causal dining but still serve good food.

The service here could be a hit or a miss. 
It takes ages for them to clean up a table and ignore their customers waiting in the que.
Sometimes the wait staff didn't know what they were doing.
Wondering around pointless and instead of helping a customer to take their order.
The other day, we ordered two main courses but came out three due the waiter didn't cancel one while we were asking his opinion for a recommendation.
He ensured it was us who ordered them all. 
Wait a minute, there were only two of us and why on earth we would ordered three mains?
He even didn't confirm with us.
Anyway, DH didn't mind as the ramen dish was only half full, or maybe less.
Therefore not enough food for him anyway.

Their fruit juices were refreshing and I always order the sweet potato chips for a side snack.
It's golden brown, crispy and yum with the white sesames on them.
Don't need to eat with the sauce, as the sweet potato were tasty by it's natural flavour.
I wish they didn't put any salt.
Pandan chicken we ordered for the first time tasted really good.
Quiet excited to unwrap the leaves. Well seasoned chicken and went well with the sweet chilli sauce.
Teriyaki beef with red onion was tender and well balanced with it's sauce and fresh green salads.
It was only a small portion but enough food for me.
Grilled salmon with Chinese Bok Choy used to be my favourite dish but the last time we were there it was overcook. And overcook is a disaster for any seafood.
A bit disappointed.

One thing I don't quite get it was our entrees came after mains
and we've dined there many times but never had the main courses together. 
Simply for a drink we ordered together came to us at a different time. 
And they were the same drink in the same size.
Why? What's wrong with their ordering system?

Wagamama on Urbanspoon

Cuisine: Japanese, Ramen, Asian
Food: Good
Service: Average
Atmopshere: Average
Value: $$ (on the expensive side for a Ramen restaurant)
Recommend: Average

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