26 Jan 2011

Holidays in Cairns Day VI continue... Bushfire Flame Grill

The Esplanade & Spence Street
Cairns QLD 4870
Ph:(07) 4044 1879

Open Hours
Monday ~ Sunday
6pm ~ late

The waiting area of the restaurant is huge with beach and sea elements.
Feeling like sitting inside a giant ship.

On display...

Waiting at the bar area and the bar tender preparing our cocktails

Woodfired Churrasco ~ Brazilian BBQ
Experience a unique dining style which originated in the 18th Century Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil.

The cooking methods and service continue to honour the traditions of the old Gauchos - South American Cowboys.

Long swords of succulent Australian beef, pork, lamb, ribs & chicken are seasoned, marinated, infused, basted & gently roasted over a pit of glowing ironbark coals.

The swords are then served “Rodizio” style - Our knife-wielding Jackeroo and Jillaroo waiters (Aussie cowboys) will slice sizzling hot roasted meats directly to your plate. This allows guests to experience a wide variety of tastes.

To begin, you will enjoy a Tasting Plate of Regional Fares.

Carefully selected regional and Australia-wide ingredients including prime Australian beef raised on cattle stations spread throughout the Queensland and Northern Territory outback.

Bushfire Flame Grill brings the theatre of the kitchen right to your table.

Watch chefs at work in an open kitchen. Custom-made flame grills create a dramatic look capturing the experience we call the Thrill of the Grill.

* Fresh local tropical fruits, herbs and market garden vegetables
* Tropical seafood including prawns and Moreton Bay bugs from Queensland and a selection of cold water oysters and fish from Tasmania
* The best beef available in Australia from cattle stations in Queensland and the Northern Territory, and lamb from Central New South Wales
* Unique Australian ingredients: wild pepper, lemon myrtle, Gagarra honey, tropical sugar cane, barramundi, bush tomatoes

What we ordered:
Coral Sea Cooler 
Bacardi Rum, Mango Liqueur, blended with fresh Mareeba Gold pineapple and orange. $13.50

Fresh watermelon, Grenadine, lime juice, blended with ice and a hint of mint, served over lemonade (non alcoholic) $7.50

+ TAPAS PLATE Bushfire Tapas Plate

+ DESSERT of your choice

Your Churrasco Experience includes:
Start with:
• Pork Crackling

Churrasco Skewers:
• Beef – oregano, cumin, bush pepper
• Pork – Davidson’s plum, sweet chilli marinade
• Lamb – lemon myrtle, garlic, rosemary
• Chicken – piri piri marinade
• Chorizo – locally made mild-spicy sausage
• Seafood Mocqueca – Brazilian seafood dish with fresh prawns, reef fish, calamari, baby octopus & mussels.
• Chef’s Daily Special (eg Kangaroo, Ribs)
• Mareeba Gold Pineapple – cinnamon sugar

Served with:
• Brazilian Inspired Salad w/ Carotino Vinaigrette
• Vegetable Mornay (seasonal)
• Black Bean Feijoada – delicious, tasty Brazilian black bean
stew w/steamed rice


• Baked Cocktail Potatoes
• Sauces – Chimichurri (Argentinean herb pesto) & Bushfire’s own BBQ sauce

Bushfire Tapas Plate (4 selections)
Barramundi goujons
Dorsogna shaved prosciutto & melon
Chicken sugar cane sticks
Spanish empanadillas

The handsome chef! A cute wait staff took the photo for me.

Our last night in Cairns and after some shopping we randomly picked a restaurant in the CBD.
There was this attractive restaurant with gas fire outside
and packed with people inside with large windows located on the popular Esplanade.
Bushfire Flame Grill is a Brazilian grilled house with all you can eat meat,
a wonderful place for meat lovers like DH.

The restaurant was busy and we waited a while at the bar.
On one side of the restaurant there was a huge area decorated as a ship for customers waiting before getting a table. Comfortable and relaxing.
They offered an impressive wine list but we had cocktails instead.
As expected, very refreshing, tasty and exotic.

It began with well seasoned pork crackling, very interesting starter.
Tasted like pork fat deep fried in hot boiling oil.
Then before we started any other delicious meat, we had the tasting of Bushfire Tapas Plate:
Barramundi goujons, Dorsogna shaved prosciutto & melon, 
Chicken sugar cane sticks and Spanish empanadillas.
Real delicious!
Served with Brazilian Inspired salad with Carotino vinaigrette, 
baked cocktail potatoes, baked cheess and vegetables 
and black bean Feijoada (black bean and steam rice).

Bushfire sourcing regional  and Australia wide ingredients 
throughout the Queensland and Northern Territory outback.
Chefs fired up grill flame and roasted in the open kitchen 
and wait staffs continued bring out varieties of meats to our table on giant long swords 
of succulent Australian beef, pork, lamb, ribs, chicken and Chorizo (suasage) are seasoned,
marinated, infused, basted & gently roasted over a pit of glowing ironbark coals.
The swords are then served “Rodizio” style and wait staffs sliced sizzling hot roasted meats directly to our plates.
And sauced with Chimichurrid (Argentinean herb pesto) & Bushfire’s own BBQ sauces.

The tender meats were fresh and well seasoned. 
The locally made mild spicy sausage was DH's favourite of the night.
The two sauces are also tasty and it was  hard to pick which I liked better.
We also got offered some seafood casserole and finished off our meal with cinnamon sugar 
Mareeba Gold Pineapple.
Had to ask twice for more of their pineapples. 
Sweet and juicy
Couldn't have enough!

Last we paid $10 extra for the beautiful dessert which the table next to us also had.
Yum! The coconut and mango ice cream balls were cute and cool down our heat a little after the great barbecue meal.

It's an excellent dining concept with all you can eat,
a very unique Brazilian dining style barbecue (woodfired churrasco) experience.
We enjoyed our night there, great atmosphere and attentive wait staffs
and would highly recommend to all others.

 Bring it on Bushfire Flame Grill!
I wish there's one open in Melbourne.

Bushfire Flame Grill on Urbanspoon

Cuisine: Brazilian
Food: Excellent
Service: Good
Atmopshere: Good
Value: $$$
Recommend: Excellent

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