25 Jan 2011

Good Food

Things I found in last years Good Food and Wine Show which I fall in love with since then.
Especially the spice and herb connoisseurs which is my secret ingredient for the honey chicken wings (DH's favourite dish at home). 
Available online!
Looking forward to this year's show and show list in 3 ~ 5 June, 2011
Meanwhile the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is coming in town in 4 ~ 14 March.

Soft pink in colour and taste beautifully and delicate sweetness of roses.

Herb & Spice Connoisseurs which have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and no added m.s.g.

All-natural oven baked bars, using 16 ingredients - preservative and additive free. GM free.
The sustained energy release from the unique blend of wholegrains, premium dried fruits, macadamias and antioxidant rich seeds.

Made with premium chicken breast meat.  High in protein and low in fat. Easy meals or snacks.

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