21 Jan 2011

Holidays in Cairns Day V continue... Cafe China

Main Foyer
Pullman Reef Hotel Casino
35-41 Wharf Street, Cairns
Tel: (07) 4041 2828

11:00am - 2:30pm
5:00pm - 10:00pm

What we ordered
Duck with Jellyfish
Silken Tofu with Century Egg

Beef with Veggetable
Salt and Pepper Crab ($85/kg)

Fukein Fried Rice ($8.50 sml)

Cafe China is the only Chinese restaurant we have tried during our trip to Cairns.
It's traditional Chinese delicacies with rows of paper lanterns, floor length red curtains 
and Chinese characters wallpaper make a great attraction sight in the main foyer of Reef Casino.

As Australia's most tourist destination, their menus are written in Chinese,
Japanese and English with pictures shown.
They have both Chinese and Aussie wait staffs who could proudly recommended a dish,
mostly their signature Peking duck or seafood dish.

It's on the expensive side as the crab costs us $85 itself and we didn't even know how much it was weight. 
Probably around one kilogram?
We were told seafood in Cairns should be cheaper than Melbourne or Sydney and it was not the case. 
As mud crabs here in Melbourne is around $30 per pound. 
The other night when we dined in Pesci's Seafood Restaurant live crab was sold for $55. 
Still we decided to try their famous seafood 
and the manager recommended their popular salt and pepper crab. 
Very well dish and the crab came out on dish as it still alive. 
You can still see the crab shape if you know what I mean, 
not throw on plate with pieces of body mess together. 
The crab claws were fresh, moist and tender, not under or overcook.
A bit salty but still delicious!

The two entrees we had were both impressive. 
Duck with jellyfish is hubby's all time favourite.
The slices of duck meat with skin on was crispy and full of flavour.
However the dish was very small and there would be three times more if you eat in Melbourne.
Silken tofu won my heart with it's presentation.
The chef who design this dish really pays attention on details.
Pretty presentation is very important for me as it makes me want to eat the dish with excitement.
The tofu was carefully put on the narrow dish in a row and 1/6 slice of the century egg place on top of the each piece of tofu.
Most restaurants would finely chopped the century egg into one centimeter square and put on top of the tofu in a bowl like the one we had in Hutong Dumpling Bar.
Japanese style sauce was used instead of Chinese soy sauce make the dish light and refreshing.
Spring onion on top really added some colour to this dish.  Very pretty!
This is the kind of food I would cook at home.
Simply and artist.

The most disappointed dish of that night was the beef with Chinese cabbage. 
Very salty and I just couldn't have another mouthful.
The table next to us ordered Peking duck and the chef sliced the duck in front of the customers.
I took the opportunity to take some photos and regret we didn't order the same order.
The bill was $170 and I think it's kind of pricey. Do you agree with me?

Cuisine: Chinese & Seafood
Food: Average
Service: Good
Atmopshere: Good
Value: $$$$ expensive

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 Live music every weekend evenings until late.

 Hotel Lobby

 Internet Bar on ground floor

 Casino Side Entrance

During the period we were staying,
local artist Anne Ah Gee has launched her "No Thanks Nana" collection in the hotel lobby.
Her works are inspirational and colourful. 
The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the painting I wish I bought.
Look at the details.
Prices from $1200.

"display of naive paintings by local artist Anne Ah Gee. Featuring one huge painting of the local area spread across 16 metres of canvas it covers the area from Tully up to Cooktown. Full of humour, colour and a touch of ridiculous. Other equally irreverent works on display in the hotel foyer."

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