22 Jan 2011

Holidays in Cairns Day V continue...Cocoa Amour

 I'm not the only one who's window shopping in a late evening,
this little fellow looks as curious as me. Cute?

Cocoa Amour
91 Esplanade
Cairns QLD 4870
(07) 4041 1802

After dinner in Cafe China and hubby had a massage in the night market. 
Then dropped by this lovely pastry cafe called "Cocoa Amour" in the CBD for a drink.
It was very late in a weekday but still kinda busy on the streets with dozens of tourists like us.
Feels so good about it as I never feel safe to wonder around late in night in Melbourne.
The weather were beautiful, not too hot in the evenings and humidity suits me better as it's too dry in Melbourne. My skin feels tight and looks cracked without lotion.
The dryness in Melbourne is the only thing I don't like about it and it makes me crazy.
I feel like aging quicker living in dry area.

Here in Cairns, the services way better than any other places in Australia.
Every shop I've been to and every restaurants I've tried provides excellent services.
The multiculture populations really shows it's advantage even in a small town like Cairns.
There are restaurants of French, Italy, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian etc.
I love this place and I can't wait to go back.

Cocoa Amour. What a pretty name!
The oriental Bali decor is very modern yet relaxing 
and a great place to come in groups and take a rest here.
You can have a long chat with friends sitting on the long sofa without disturb.

We went in for a drink but the cakes in the display glass cabinet looked so amazing.
I shouldn't have anymore food as I ate too much already.
However, my eyes were bigger than my stomach.
Ended up we each had the a piece of cake 
and I also a large glass of watermelon juice while DH had the mango juice
(freshly made at the back of the kitchen).
The cakes were tasty and the atmosphere was great.
I wish there could be more places like this in Melbourne,
good drinks, great desserts, friendly services and 
most importantly open until late everyday.

Cocoa Amour on Urbanspoon

Cuisine: Pastry, Cake & Coffee
Food: Good
Service: Good
Atmopshere: Good
Value: $
Recommend: Good

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