2 Aug 2011

My Daily Procedures

 Step One: bedroom to wardrobe.
Step Two: try on and on and on...

 Step Three: Accessorise wise.

 Step Four: Smile

 Step Five: Kiss my lamb chop and say goodbye.

Step Six: Off to work!

Repeat this every morning.
It's a lot of fun and also brain exercises.

on me: Lisa Ho animal print silk dress
Chanel stone belt in suede and Chanel suede sandle shoes

2 Meow~:

Anonymous said...

You look amazing in this dress! I love your shoes! Do you mind if I ask what profession do you work in? As your outfit is not very corporate... Thanks!

Dollymic said...

Hi there, the dress is much prettier in real life. I work as a buyer for an import company and there's no strict dress code, so basically I can wear whatever I want. However, I try to keep things simple and rarely wear jeweleries, normally just dress+shoes+handbag. It's nothing like most of the clothes I post here in the blog as dressing up is one of my hobbies. I do have suits hanging in my closet but they are boring, don't you think so? I'd like some colours and fun in my spare time.