17 Aug 2011

Japanese Ceramics

Everything $2.80 from wooden spoons, ceramic plates, rice bowls to miso soup bowls with lids. 
All from Daiso, "the 100 Yen" Japanese discount shop.
They sell everyday personal and household goods all for a fix price.
Some of them are made in Japan and others made in China, South Korean and other Asian countries.
Very good value.

Shop 1
Shop 23 313 Victoria Street
Abbotsford VIC 3067

Trading Hours:
Mon ~ Thurs, Sat & Sun 9:00 ~ 19:00
Fri 9:00-21:00

Shop 2
Shop G216,
Westfield Shopping Centre, 619 Doncaster Road,
Doncaster, VIC 3108

Trading Hours:
Mon-Wed 9:00am ~ 5:30pm
Thu-Fri 9:00am ~ 9:00pm
Sat  9:00am ~ 6:00pm
Sun  10:00am ~ 5:00pm

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