2 Aug 2011

A Gift to Myself

On a hunt for a Chanel "book", actually a Chanel book purse from the Spring 2011 collection. Tried to call the States for two weeks but with no luck to trace one. I decided to give it up and get myself something else. As I needed a little comfort for my broken heart,  I go for something more classic. While that's Melbourne. Seasonal stocks is never know. Oh, I love that book purse and I missed to purchase a similar suede version a couple of years ago. I'm sure they will make it again, I just need to wait patiently, which I'm extremely lack of. However, what can I do? So upset. Anyone sees one around?

Guess what I've got? Let's unpack the box together.
Dada...red Chanel Classic flap in cavier skin.
Such a lovely colour, don't you agree?

0 Meow~: