16 Aug 2011

Guangzhou, China Trip Part I ~ On Arrival

Melbourne ~ Hong Kong
Cathay Pacific

Hong Kong ~ Guangzhou

Christian Dior Travel Studio Makeup Palette
Inflight duty free from Cathay Pacific Airline
I simple can't miss any opportunity to shop, even in flight!

 Ramada Plaza Hotel, Guangzhou  

Nice, clean, modern hotel

Lovely room and good facilities

This is my window view.
You won't believe what I saw from my hotel room.
Chinese army trucks passed by through the railway station in front of the hotel.
I've stood there for a few minutes, there were countless of them.

Late afternoon lunch at Emerald Chinese Restaurant (粵珍軒) on the ground floor in our hotel
Delicious and good service. Highly recommend hotel restaurant.

Guangzhou Beijing Road Pedestrian Street 廣州北京路商業步行街

Baked sweet potato, bought on the street.
The seller used a giant oil container and baked then in the coals.

A desert house near Beijing Road, packed with people.
We took a rest after walking for hours and had some lovely desserts.

Back to the hotel.
Late supper at the Lobby Bar
Seafood Spaghetti tasted like rubber. The sauce was tasteless.
My advice is, when you are in China, eat Chinese.

The hotel was excellent, and couldn't fault their services. They've got a nice Chinese restaurant and the food was delicious. Great for business trip especially if you go for the Canton Fair as the hotel provides buses daily. Other than that I would say transportation was  inconvenience, not close to any attractions or shopping arcades. We couldn't get a cab back to the hotel after dine out. I saw westerners bargain with cab drivers near Beijing Road, a popular tourist attraction for night time, because they refused to take any passengers unless if you willing to pay three times or more than what it should be charge. We couldn't get a cab due to the drivers only willing to stop for the Westerners and it was getting really late. We had to take a bus and took off a few stops later at a less busy street to get a cab back to our hotel. The whole cab chasing experience was ridiculous. That was the only thing I hate about Guangzhou. Nothing I expected for a Capital City in any countries!

April, 2010
Supposed to be a business trip but when I reviewed the photos during my trip in Guangzhou, China, it turns out more like a food journey. After all, Guangzhou is famous for it's Cantonese food, can't miss that, am I right? 

Will be continued...
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