2 Feb 2008

Shoes for Shoe Addict

The 5 most important things to me when buying shoes:
Proper Fit
Comfort & Balance
Light Weight
Material Used

5 Designer Brands I Love the Most in Shoes:
Chanel ~ Design(details), Comfort, & Unique
Marc Jacobs ~ Design(funky)
Marni ~ Design(chunky) & Balance
Louis Vuitton ~ Design(details) & Material
Manolo Blahnik ~ Fit, Cmfort, Light Weight => perfect shoes for me

Used to love a lot: Miu Miu
Growing on me: Christian Louboutin

Shoes that I love the most at the moment:
Alexander McQueen Runway Feather Pumps (so delicate)
Chanel Tuxedo Runway Sandals (unique and comfortable, my all time fave)
Chanel Camellia Wedges (pretty but not practical, I hate slingback)
Rene Caovilla Silver Leaf Sandals (adorable but it hurts the ankles)
Manolo Blahnik Crystal Mules (save for my wedding)

Most Wearable Shoes: Country Road Jelly Sandals
To the beach, at home, in the garden, etc...It matches everything coz it's clear.
Very cute shoes at a bargain price. AU$15. If I still can find it, I'll buy 10 pairs.
Store them so I'll always have a pair to wear

The Most Comfortable Designer Brand for me is Manolo Blahnik.
They made the best shoes.
Christain Louboutin also made fabulous high heels.
Love their killer shoes and the red heels.
But honestly, they hurt.

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