24 Feb 2008

The New Shop Manager

Homemade Delicious
Hot Spicy Wedges with Cheese

on me...
Zebra Print Wrap Dress
White Leather Mules

shoe of the day...

Hung Tao BBQ House Octopus noodle soup
Chinese broccoli with Chinese sausage
Pan fried whole fish

on me...
Country Road Rib Front Silk Dress (Lanvin inspired)
Fish Net Tights
Country Road Belt
Chanel Quilted Ankle Boots

shoe of the day...

shop manager: Dormo Young

He's such a friendly cat who loves customers and follows them inside the shop,
especially in the morning.
So cute and adorable.
He has lots of compliment on his beautiful pale blue eyes.
He's such a darling boy to me.
Love him very very much!

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