29 Jan 2008

Yummy Chinese Food

my fave dish: Soft shell prawn with egg yolk
his fave dish: Stir fry beef with Chinese broccoli

Pacific Seafood BBQ House in Richmond.
They served one of the best Chinese dishes in town.
We go there at least once a week, sometimes twice.
Going there just like eating at home...lol...

on me...

This outfit doesn't match my age.
When darling saw it, he had a big smile on his face.
I instantly knew there was something wrong.
But I was brave enough to wear it out for a quick dinner on Saturday night.
Love the heart print on the dress. Very girlish.
Who cares what I wear anyway.
As long as I'm happy with it, then nothing is a problem.

on me...
blue heart dress
Country Road knitted cardi
heart necklace
Miu Miu denim wooden clog

shoe of the day...

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