8 Jan 2008

New Year Holidays


Need some lunch after the wonderful exprience inside the wildlife world. It was amazing.
LUNCH at I'm Angus Steakhouse on Darling Harbour
For me...
I'm Angus Cocktail
Rib Eye Steak

For him...
Oyster Kilpatrick
Garlic Prawn

on me...
Alannah Hill Top Black
Gorman Pink Poka Dot Silk Skirt
Chanel Metallic Gold Python Sandals
Chanel Metallic Black Flap
Marc Babydoll Bow Earrings
Chanel Camellia White Sunglasses


Dinner at ROCKPOOL, one of the finest restaurant in Australia.
I also tried to book with Tetsuya but no reservations avaliable until April 2008.
What??? That's almost 5 months in advance. A Hermes Kelly do not need to wait that long, and if you are lucky enough, that's probably the same time frame for a random Birkin bag in Australia.
Therefore, I decided to book for October, when we will going to Sydeny again for a business trip.
I know I know, must try the best food. It's definetely my weakness and I surpose on a diet!!!
How to loss 5kg? I have no idea. I need to have somebody to knod on my head to remind me not to eat.
Well, it's so hard to say no to delicious food, experiencing the beauty of the taste is the happiness moment in life. It's the same feeling I have with a Chanel purchase.

For Me
Entree ~ Leaf with Rockpool dressing
Stir fried sea scallops with parpadelle and XO
Dessert ~ Muscat de Beaumes de Venise custard with mango and pineapple salad

For Him
Entree ~ Seared king prawns with goats cheese tortellini

Dessert ~
Lychee Granita with coconut cakes?? (can't remember the proper name)

We shared
Lobster in blackbean source.

I'm going to make the ice blended lychee myself in a hot summer day. Yes, I tried every dishes we ordered.
5* for all of them.
Not outstanding decorations inside the restuarant or fancy display on dishes, but their food is simple and beautiful. Maybe that's their philosophies.
Never heard darling like european food much but this one is the best he said.
My favourite is the goats cheese tortellini.
The thing I really like about Rockpool is they balance the food very well.
Anything rich in favour balanced up with something light.
With all those XO and blackbean sauce, it's truely Asian inspired, and I guess they have a Chinese chef in charge in the kitchen, hehe....
I love it and will try again in their Melbourne restaurant for sure.

on me...
Resort Mainline 2008
Karen Walker Drape Sleeve Shift Silk Dress
Dolce & Gabbanna Python Pumps
Chanel Pearl Necklace
Chanel Pearl Chain Flap use as a Clutch

shoe of the day...

In Restaurant Magazine’s world top 50 for 2006,
Rockpool was ranked 30th.
107 George Street at The Rocks.

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