7 Mar 2009

MAC Cosmetics x Hello Kitty Collection

In Store on the 16th March!!!
As a kitty fan, I'm so excited and I want everything from this collection.

2 Meow~:

Zubaida Jacob said...

I can't wait for the collection. You know I went to different M.A.C stores asking them when will the collection be here, they said different things.. 12-3, 17-3, 16-3... I don't know who's saying the truth frankly. I think I'm gonna be getting the peach blusher, it looks hot.

Lazybone said...

Hi Butter, I'm so glad there's someone else out there just like me waiting curiously about this collection to hit the store. I called two stores today, and both of them confirmed Kitty will be here on the 16th march. I'm so excited and I'm interested in the nail polish, accessories, and lip gloss.