1 Jun 2008

New Arrivals: Blythe Petites

Plum Blossom PBL-29, 2004
Peppy Panda Garden, 2005
Miss Macaroon PBL-79, 2007
Spell Scarlet PBL-80, 2007
Petite Blythe Campaign Shop Limited Chu Chu Chan, 2007

Playful Pigtall Doll PBL-72, 2007
Magical Wand PBL-63, 2006
Itsy Bitsy Bug Lady KPBL-13, 2007

Blythe Official Website
It's been almost 2 years since I purchased my last Blythe. After so long, some more Blythe Petites added to my collection. The little girls are so sweet and I just can't stop looking for more on eBay. I wish I could get every one of them.

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