5 Jun 2008

Cold Blooded Creature

More than 69,000 died in the May 12 earthquake, which was China's worst natural disaster in a generation. More than 18,000 remain missing and millions were left homeless. I'm extremely sad and feel sorry for those poor souls who had died or lost their families. National mourning for the victims.

Stone suggested the China earthquakes that killed tens of thousands of people last month were "karma" for the Communist country's treatment of Tibet.

She's ban from the Chinese Film Festival. Christian Dior removed all ads in China featuring her after she made the remarks at the Cannes Film Festival last month. And now her movie is banned in China.

I was shocked she said those words. Thousands innocent people died from the earthquake and a lots of them were children. Many others suffer from the natural disaster. How could anyone said those awful things! Unbelievable! She's such a bloody stone cold bitch!!!

Bless China, bless the world.

Donation can be made to the survivers here Australian Red Cross

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