20 Mar 2011

Walrus Chinese Restaurant

Walrus Chinese Restaurant
20/28 Queens Ave
Springvale, VIC 3171

ph:(03) 95408981

What we had:
3 pound lobster cook in two ways ($75/pound)
Lobster sashimi and lobster with ginger and shallot on two serves of egg noodles
Japanese beancurd and vegetables with crab meat sauce

Lobster sashimi was live, took out from the tank and went straight to the back kitchen. The chopped up fresh meat was placed on crushed ice and served in large pieces. Yum! It was smooth, tender and sweet. Good heavens, those was the most marvelous food on earth! The yellow stuff in the middle was the lobster's brain, it looked a bit weird but very delicate and delicious to eat raw as well. Just dip it in the wasabi and soy sauce, it was a little salty and spicy with the sweetness of the raw lobster, it was well balanced. So so nice!

The ginger and shallot lobster is a popular Chinese dish. The same recipe apply to scallops, crabs, abalone, etc. The lobster was well cooked and tasted wonderful. It was an expensive dish and we never wanted it to be over cooked. Here in Walrus, it never disappointed us with their seafood. They have very professional chefs. The egg noodles underneath the lobster absorbed the great flavour from the sauce. DH would eat many bowls of the egg noodles alone.

The Japanese beancurd and vegetables with crab meat sauce was one of my favourites here in Walrus. The beancurd was so soft and it melted in my mouth. The crab meat with egg yolk was smooth and tasted fantastic. The vegetable could be different each time as they use the best seasonal produces. Really worth a try. We love seafood and we love Walrus!

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Cuisine: Chinese
Food: Good
Service: Good
Atmopshere: Good
Value: $$$
Recommend: Good

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