20 Mar 2011

Parisian Hunt

Ganache Chocolate

250 Toorak Rd,
South Yarra, VIC 3141

Ph: 03 9804 7485
Web: Ganache

After shopping on Chapel Street we always to go to the Soda Rock Diner for milk shakes and hot chilli and cheese wedges. It's been a family tradition for hubby and I to order the same old dish and drinks everytime we visit. Since a chocolate shop opened on the opposite side of Toorak Road, we are addicted to that little place instead. Now we have another perfect spot to taking a rest and enjoying nice drinks. Ganache for all chocolate lovers! It's warm, it's lovely and it's Parisian chic!

Sitting in a place surrounded by chocolate sweets, chocolate cakes, chocolate marcarons and chocolate drinks, the smell was so amazing and it almost melt my heart. I was like day dreaming in a chocolate sea. Lucky me!

The ambiance was great inside and for a lazy afternoon, it was a perfect hiding hut for desserts and hot chocolate. Rusty natual raw brick walls with a French mirror hanging at the end of the room. High ceiling with shelves of chocolate products on display. Small tables with marble tops and iron bases. Flowers in small glass bottles on every table and water served by friendly wait staff in silver jar. That was quite romantic. The only thing missing was a beautiful French music playing with a female singer in softly. Well, that was in my imagination.

I love chocolate but who doesn't? I don't eat too many sweets, I love to look at adorable chocolate and desserts and appreciated their beauty, but I'd prefer dark chocolate. I addicted to the bitterness in dark chocolate. A bite of good chocolate is really great pleasure and enjoyment. The hot chocolate (original) here was the best I have had in Melbourne. Rich and creamy. The texture was silky smooth and the liquid was thick and luxury. Pure chocolate and pure joy! The smell was so marvelous! So beautiful that I've holding my cup near my nose and couldn't put it down. It was served with an almond cookie. Crunch and sweet!

DH had the iced chocolate which was made with chocolate ganache and gelato. Same as the hot cocholate, it was rich and tasted fantastic. A bit too sweet for hubby, but still a nice drink.

We also had the chocolate platter which served with five of their most popular handmade products. The marcaron was in the middle, the golf ball had almond inside and covered white chocolate, strawberry, almond and dark chocolate. Very sweet!  No kidding, they both looked and tasted sweet. Not for me but definitely for someone with a sweet tooth.

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Cuisine: French, coffee & desserts
Food: Good
Service: Good
Atmopshere: Good
Value: $
Recommend: Good

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