19 Feb 2011

The Vallen Dress

on me: vallen bejeweled silk dress, forever new sequin cape,
christian loubtoutin silingback shoes, chanel metallic silver reissue bag

As always, there was lots of red found during Chinese New Year.
I worn the Vallen dress in red for good luck and happiness to New Year dinner (post here).
It shown more like a dark pink rather than red but it's actually a very pretty soft red colour in real life.
It's more beautiful in real life as well and I believed it has some Indian influence in design.
So luxury and bling bling that I didn't have to wear any jewellery.
While this is nothing compare with a jaw dropping Indian wedding dress of course.
Still a gorgeous piece.
The delicate dress was a love at the first sight and finally I've got a chance to wear it.

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