8 Feb 2011

Ajisen Ramen

Ajisen Ramen
130 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9662 1100

Open Daily

What We Ordered:
UCC Milk Coffee
Ramune Classic

Valcano Ramen ~ Ramen served in Chasyu and Vegetables in Spicy Valcano Sauce $11.00
Tofu Dengako ~ Deep Fried Tofu served in Miso Soup $6.50
Gyoza ~ Pan-Fried Dumplings served with Gyoza Sauce $7.00
Gyu Tataki ~ Lightly Seared Beef served in Ponzu Sauce $8.00
Combination Kushiyaki ~ Beef, Chicken and Shitake Mushroom on Bamboo Skewers in Yakitori Sauce (3pcs) $9.50
Ebi Tempura ~ Prawns in Special Batter served with Tempura Dipping Sauce(5pcs)$15

Ajisen Ramen on Bourke Street is a Japanese restaurant we usually
go on a weekend afternoon for a snack between meals while most of the restaurants haven't open yet.
They open from lunch till dinner, and around 3pm to 4pm it is always easy to get a table.
Hubby and I always order the same dishes which we deeply in love with.
He likes the spicy Volcano Ramen and I like the Prawn Tempura.
These are their signature dishes and the dishes we always go back for.
Their Volcano Ramen is something we addicted to.
The pork base soup is rich flavoursome and the pork belly is tasty. 
The red hot chilli paste sauce make you on fire.
Therefore, better ask the wait staff separated the sauce from the soup noodles like we do,
otherwise it would be too spicy.
If you like to challenge your limit for spicy food, you must try this dish.
My favourite is the Prawn Tempura.
The prawns are fresh and tender, and the quantity is good as well.
There's also vegetables like french beans, egg plant, and pumpkin in the dish, fresh and sweet.
Yum! Goes well with the tempura sauce.
I wonder if they used a secret formula for their batter.
So thin and crispy.
The golden colour always look perfect and taste fantastic!

Sometimes we order Agedashi Tofu, Gyoza Dumplings or
Edamame (salty soy bean) or other small dishes rather than mains.
If you like pan fried dumplings, try theirs.
We always happy with the dish.
Thin, soft skin and delicious pork filling.

They have impressive selection of food.
And their prices are low.
Friendly and efficient service.
A good choice for bite to eat with friends.

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Cuisine: Japanese
Food: Good
Service: Good
Atmopshere: Good
Value: $
Recommend: Good

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