8 Feb 2009

My Leather Gloves

Leather gloves I bought recently from Country Road
washed leather dark brown
Suede leather brown
vintage red short gloves

Now I've got a lovely selection of gloves.
Never got at chance to wear any of them.
I'm looking for a pair of Chanel fingerless gloves
and also some mid-length ones in lots of different colours.

4 Meow~:

Zubaida Jacob said...

Ah I love gloves, especially leather. They are very sexy.
Love yours.

Lazybone said...

thanks Butter, it'd be nice to have some pastel colour gloves...

Sophia said...

to me it's either leather or no gloves at all when it comes to gloves hehehe! again your collection amazed me, along with all of your outfit du jour pics. ALL! you've got to be doing this for a living!!!

Lazybone said...

I wish for a cold winter this year in Melbourne, so I'll have the chance to wear these gloves. otherwise they will rest in the drawer as always...thanks for your kind words Sophia, your collection amazed me and so as your gougeous photos taken with your friends and familiy in HK. lol... i'm going back to HK in 2 months time. can't wait to have some delicious Chinese food there.