15 Dec 2008

Dessert House on Swanston Street

Dessert House Eatery

313 Swanston Street,
Melbourne 3000.
Phone: (03) 9663 2284

on me...
Sarah Jane Sequin Knitted Bolero
Jigsaw Silk Carmi with Bow Details
Bardot Balloon Harem Pants
Maison Martion Margiela Sandal Boots
Chanel Star Flap

2 Meow~:

Anonymous said...

I love this pretty white bag.^-^

Lazybone said...

Thanks scheharazad!
I love it too.
It's a cute little flap with cc studs all over it.
The details are amazing and the actually colour is light beige.
I'll take a close up photo later.