4 Oct 2008

2 Meow~:

Rabbit Sim said...

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately we don't have a Chanel boutique in BrisVegas *tragic* and when I finally got to visit Chanel boutique while on holiday, they have none of those delicious looking bag :( *sob*

Lazybone said...

U r welcome.
No Chanel? That's too bad.
We don't have Marni, Dior here in Melbourne. So sad.

Colour flaps come and go.
In spring summer time there are more chances to get a colour bag.
Stocks in Australia are very limited.

sometimes they hide in the back, so next time when you visit the boutique, you can ask the SA and they might check it at the "secret back room" haha...

If you don't mind buying from inter-states. You can call the Melbouren or Sydney boutiques. I believe they will send it to you after fully paid by bank deposite.
The phone for Melb. store is (03) 9671 3533