2 Nov 2012

Walking Dead

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2012
Here's my photos taken last Sunday.
It was so fun!

2 Meow~:

Erioxa.com said...


I decided to post this under the newest entry so you can see it :)

Could you please share your experience with Lady Dior in Python? Last year I almost bought exact same gold one... And this year I saw it again BUT now starts my problem- Birkin or Lady Dior in Python?

I would love to know your opinion as Lady Dior owner! :)


Dollymic said...

Hi there, I love my Lady Dior in python and I think it's a bag that I'm going to keep the rest of my life. It's a classic bag and the colour I bought was so easy to dress up and down. If you were considering between a Birkin or a Lady Dior I would say get both. haha... love both of them. Don't miss the gold one again, it's so beautiful! Good luck!