29 Jun 2012

Vintage Charm

A relaxed holiday getaway in a Maine heritage house with a signature painted cottage beach style.

Creating a home that was as fresh and breezy as the nearby beach was second nature to Joanna and Peggy. They, along with Miguel, are owners of Toronto’s Au Lit Fine Linens and Liv by Au Lit. Anyone who has set foot inside these shops, with their soft, tousled linens and subdued neutral palettes, knows that imparting casual serenity is what these folks do best.

“There are variations from room to room, but overall the palette is a quintessential beach house one,” says Joanna. With names like Beach Glass and Ocean Air, the paint colours set the tone. “Greyish greens, pale aqua blues and muted blue-greens… all of these come into play and then Mom makes them pop!” Joanna is referring to the unexpected hits of bright pink that appear in many of the rooms. Like cheery announcements, they prevent the house from seeming too demure and juxtapose the soft linens that beckon from beds and tabletops to settle in, settle down and relax. 

source via Style At Home

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