2 Apr 2012

1930s Shanghai Advertising Posters

1 Left: Eveready battery Shanghai poster featuring images from the 1930s colonial Shanghai era.

1 Right: Gossage and Son China Ltd. Company soap and cosmetics product advertising poster.

2 Left: This Red Lion brand cigarette advertising poster features two women holding cigarettes and sitting for the ad. Red Lion cigarette is a brand manufactured by QiDong Cigarette Company, Ltd.

2 Right: This baby formula product advertisement is one of the Western imports in the 1930s of Shanghai era. Lactogen brand formula for babies, as advertised on the poster, features a woman in traditional Chinese dress, sitting on a low Chinese stool, demurely posting for this ad.

3 Left: This advertising poster from the 1930's is an ad for Central Agency Ltd., a company incorporated in Glasgow, Scotland. An advertising for the superb fabric this company produces, one may see a company labels on this posters and the yards the fabrics consists of.

3 Right: This 1930 Shanghai era poster is an advertisement for Twin Beauty brand cosmetics products. Among the products, there were soaps, powders and perfumes.

1930s Shanghai Advertising Posters
images via zit antique

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