30 Sept 2011

The Little Blue Box

On the morning of our anniversary, I've got a basket of beautiful pale pink roses at the front door waiting for me to collect. It was not a big surprise as DH always do the same thing on our anniversary, birthday, special occasion, etc but I'm still loving it. 

Ta da...A little blue box! So sweet but somehow expected as it was planned ahead. Lucky me, I know. I appreciated it everyday. 

What it really surprised me was the card darling wrote. It was our 2nd anniversary and he gave me a card with happy 1st anniversary on it. Lovely, but why? It was the 1st card he wrote to me in 13 years since we've known each other. Ya! A very long time and it was the first time he actually wrote me something touching and almost made me cry.

Thanks darling! Love you more each day.

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