4 Mar 2008

It's a cold day...

New Age Cafe

French Toast
Baked Scallops with Cheese and Mushroom Sauce
Baked Chicken and Seafood on Rice

595 Station St.,
Box Hill 3128
9898 7388

Cuisine: Modern Australian
Food: Average
Service: Average
Atmosphere: Average
Value: $
Recommend: Average

Darling loves the French Toast here and willing to come every Saturday and eat the same thing!

DINNER: Malaysian Cuisine in Glen Waverley 大人

Chicken Feet
Satay Chicken
Beef and Rice Noodle with Black Bean Sauce
Tom Yum Seafood with Rice Vermicelli in Soup

on me...
Sportsgirl Cropped Leather Jacket
Cat Scarf
Levis Jeans
FCUK Canvas & Leather Boots

shoe of the day...

for home

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